Top 5 Museums You Should Visit in Austin, Texas

Museums are great places with rich history and secrets that you may not have known before.

Whether you’re a new traveler in Austin or a long-time citizen of the state, these museums will definitely take you through an unforgettable cultural journey.

Texas Memorial Museum

Here, you will discover the hidden treasures of Texas.

This state museum houses several historic treasures of Texas ranging from prehistoric to modern times.

Guests love visiting the “Great Hall” where they find the specimen of Quetzalcoatalus northropi. This is the largest flying reptile ever found, and it was unearthed in West Texas.

After visiting this museum, you will surely have a deeper appreciation of the Texas state and how it has evolved through time.

Open Tuesday- Saturday, 9AM-5PM
2400 Trinity Street
Austin, Texas

Blanton Museum of Art

Are you an art enthusiast?

Then this museum may be the perfect stop for you.

This museum at the University of Texas has the largest and most comprehensive art collection in Central Texas.

Its collections range from European, contemporary America, and Latin American art.

A few of the most sought after collections are the Andy Warhol exhibit and the Xu Bing Chinese calligraphy art.

Closed on Mondays. Admission is free on Thursdays.
200 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Austin, Texas

Museum of the Weird

If you have an unconventional taste for art, then you will enjoy this museum’s extraordinary exhibits.

As the name of the museum suggests, this is a place to revel in art pieces that are weird, whacky, and out of this world.

Some of their exhibits include exotic animals, a “feejee” mermaid, mummies, and classic monsters like Frankenstein.

The most intriguing piece is the “Frozen Man”. Literally, it is a man frozen in a block of ice. How cool is that?

Open daily, 10 AM to Midnight
412 E 6th Street
Austin, Texas

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

Over 4,000 years of Texas history has been preserved in this museum.

Famous for its iconic five-point star structure by its entrance, this museum was built in honor of Lieutenant Governor, Bob Bullock who had the vision of making the world see the greatness of Texas.

The main highlight of this museum is the La Belle ship that was christened as “the ship that changed history” during the time of French King Louis XIV.

Monday – Saturday, 9AM-5PM
Sunday- 12PM- 5PM
1800 Congress Ave
Austin, Texas

Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

Aside from the museum, you can also take a refreshing walk in their serene garden decorated with life-like sculptures by contemporary artists.

This museum is in honor of American sculptor, Charles Umlauf who was awarded as the “Texas Artist of the Year” in 1985.

In a busy city like Austin, this is a great place to unwind and reflect.

Closed on Mondays.
605 Robert E. Lee Road
Austin, Texas

So what are you waiting for? Start scheduling your trips to these museums.

Texas has so much history to uncover. There is definitely always something new to discover and learn.

Visit these museums and you may just learn something that will change your perspective of the world.

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